Strawberries, Rasberries, Eggs, Oh My!

13 Sep
Since I can’t seem to be able to upload the audio from the actual interview I am going to have to type out the interview from the Palo Alto Farmers Market. This past Saturday (09/10/11), I went to downtown Palo Alto to check out the farmers market that takes place every Saturday from May to December. I stopped by a small stand that sells strawberries, raspberries, and eggs, and asked them if I could interview one of them for a school assignment. Here’s the interview:
“How did you get started in this field of work?”
-My dad started farming when he was little, he started farming when he was 14, and then he started doing the farmers market and needed help so I went with him, but I grew up on a ranch.
“Is this a family farm?”
“Has it always been this way?”
-Yes, yeah.
How long have you been selling at this farmers market?
-Oh my goodness..Andrew was about six…eighteen, nineteen years.
So, do you sell at any other farmers markets, or just this one?
-No, no, just this one.
Why this one over any other?
-I mean we live in Santa Cruz, we have to get up at 4:30 A.m to come here each Saturday.
That’s a long drive, and very early.
-Well…I mean, its high quality. (The farmers market)
Are the sales from the produce the main source of income?
-Our main source? No (laughs), we all have other jobs. This just kinda, he loves doing it (the father), and it’s just some extra spending money. definitely not our main income.
What do you do with any of the leftovers?
-Um, we give it to this man right here! (laughs) He’s our scrounge! No, if we have any leftovers we usually give it to the Gray Bears, ’cause they come around, but we usually sell out. Yeah, we usually bring just enough, ’cause it’s so perishable we can’t bring a lot. So yeah, if we do have any extra we give them to the Gray Bears.
For the fruits, is there an on off-season for growing those?
-Yeah, we only sell May through November.
What do you do during that season?
-We relax on Saturdays! We don’t have to get up at 4:30! (laughs) We just relax.
Do you have seeds that you save, or do you buy them from a company?
-This answer comes from the father. The University of California has research departments that start off the plants, they’ve already got roots on ’em, and then I pick out the best variety and grow those at the farm, and every few years they come out with a new variety. They certainly make a profit off  of us.
They then asked what school I went to, and when I answered that I go to SJSU, they were interested to hear that because the woman I interviewed has a son who is also a freshman here.
Below are some pictures from my visit as well as a link to information about this family’s farm.

Larse Family Strawberries

Different Farms Featured At Stand



One Response to “Strawberries, Rasberries, Eggs, Oh My!”

  1. krbunnell 09/13/2011 at 3:23 pm #

    This post gives a good variety of information about their farm. I’m sorry that the audio didn’t go through but you did a very good job typing it out. I actually believe that it is easier to understand what they were saying. Also, it was a very good idea to post the farmer’s information at the end of the post. Just in case people want to find more information on that specific farm. Good job!

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